Monday, July 5, 2010

Walking the Line

Lately Eli has been getting a bit more mischievous during nap and bedtimes in his room. He knows hes not allowed to get out of bed and rarely does, however he is definitely towing a tight line. Through the video monitor we have caught him dangling over the bed rail throwing every item of clothing from his nightstand, standing on his tiptoes to reach the bedside lamp and knocking it on the floor, ripping out pages from his books and then throwing them like confetti over his head, and climbing the headboard to name a few. When we burst through the door to reprimand him, he dives onto the bed and tries to looks perfectly innocent. He's always shocked that we caught him.

Last night as we were going to bed, we went in to check on him and move him into a normal sleeping position and found him like this.....

Looks like little buddy fell asleep in the process of trying to get into some sort of trouble. I have no idea how he was even balancing in this position. It gave us a good laugh before bed.


  1. Hey Rachel - I was going to ask you about naps. Did Eli ever go through a weird nap phase?

    Hudson is usually a 1 hr. napper in the am and 2-3 hrs in the afternoon. Since Drew has been home he has only been sleeping 1 hr. in the afternoon which makes for a VERY cranky evening. Any ideas? I know my schedule has him thrown off a bit...

  2. This is HILARIOUS! I love the imagery of him throwing book page bits like confetti and looking innocent when you walk in...Oh, Mr. Eli! Who knew such mischief was hidden behind that baby face!

  3. Emberly is the same way about nap time, not usually bedtime though, she's usually too tired to get into much trouble then! Other night at our camper she fell asleep in almost the same position in her bed, only it was her head that was pointing towards the floor, and not her feet! I think it's so funny when they fall asleep like that!