Friday, November 26, 2010

You know you're a mom when...

you go out shopping at 4am on Black Friday and your first purchase is a buy 2 get one free case of Earth's Best organic baby food. And you know you're an uber dork when you actually say "Wahoo!" to the cashier as she rings it up and confirms that, yes indeed, that third case is actually free. And you know she thinks you're crazy when you act like you're lucky you got there just in time before it was all sold out because of course most parents would be heading to Babies R Us at this pre-dawn hour to buy toys and trampolines and dancing Mickey dolls, and are not bolting straight back to the diapers and food isle. And you know there's little hope for ever improving knowing that you spent the past 3 Black Friday extravaganzas being the first only person in line at Walgreens at 4am to snatch up those buy one get 2 free candles that are never going to run out. So cheers to shopping for whatever deals make you happy!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Too funny

A couple of my recent conversations with Eli...

Yesterday as we were preparing to leave for Costello Thanksgiving at John's parents

Me: Come on Eli we're going to Grandma Anne's for dinner. And there's going to be mashed potatoes and stuffing and rolls and turkey. Doesn't that sound so yummy?

Eli: I want to pet it

Me: Huh?

Eli: I want to pet the turkey

Me: Oh, no buddy we can't pet it. We're going to eat the turkey, for our Thanksgiving

Eli: Oooohhh, that sounds like fun

And tonight around the dinner table

Me: What did you learn in Sunday school class today buddy?

Eli: Jesus!

Me: What about Jesus?

Eli: God!

Me: Oh, wow Jesus and God, thats really cool. Do you know where Jesus lives Eli?

Eli: Right there, (pointing) in the pantry

Not quite sure where that one came from, but we definitely enjoyed a good laugh. And a good reminder to work on our theology

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Where did Norah go....?

is a question I find myself asking Eli a lot lately when I come back into the room after dashing upstairs to switch the wash or running some letters out to the mailbox. "Right there" he usually responds pointing under the coffee table or wedged between the couch and the wall. Norah is on the move and she is quick. She loves to follow Buckeye around in an attempt to grab onto her tail and this usually lands her stuck in all sorts of places as Buckeye attempts to hide from her.

Norah is twice distracted in this video by Buckeye noisily drinking from her water, and no, that is not me breathing heavily in the background. I would surely hyperventilate at that pace. Enjoy!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Happy 1/2 birthday Norah Dee

You are so beautiful, and so very busy. And you still have those big blue eyes that I love. Slow down a little, you are changing at warp speeds.