Sunday, June 27, 2010

Baby Boot Camp

Yesterday Norah turned 8 weeks old, which automatically qualified her to begin Baby Boot Camp or BBC initiation (hip hip hooray!!) BBC is a sleep training program that helps you teach your infant to fall asleep on their own and sleep peacefully in their crib for 12 hours each night without waking to eat or be rocked back to sleep. The book is called The Baby Sleep Solution and I have been shouting it's praises on the mountaintop ever since it cured Eli of being a TERRIBLE sleeper as an infant. It is not a cry-it-out method, although there may be some crying, and it works quickly...which is important when you're exhausted and desperate for a good night's sleep(which I SO am). Ok, so enough of my commercial, although I'd be happy to be your paid spokesperson Suzi Giordano.

Yesterday was Day 1. Norah had never slept in her crib since we brought her home, so I was worried. We decided we wanted her bedtime to be 7:30 since this is when Eli goes to bed. We bathed the kids at 7 and then I took Norah into her room to nurse her one last time. At 7:30 I finished burping her and placed her in her crib wide awake. She was still for a bit and then started crying. John and I took turns going in every 3-5 minutes and patting her tummy and whispering to her but we did not pick her up. It took her just over an hour to fall asleep but then she slept 9 hours! Are you kidding me? She hadn't gone more than 5 hours on her best night. At 4:30 she ate 4 ounces and then was back asleep again until 7:30. It was beautiful. I think she's catching on much faster than Eli.

Day 2. Tonight we did the same routine. We only had to go in twice to comfort her and she was asleep within 30 minutes. God bless her! I feel so proud.

Its wonderful being back to the point where both kids go to bed at a specified time leaving the evening open for John and I to spend with each other. I love you Norah, but I can love you even more when I'm well rested and am not seeing your sweet little face all throughout the night.

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  1. Keep it up sweet Norah! I know your mama and she is not going rest until she gets her rest. ;)