Thursday, July 30, 2009

California Dreaming- Part 3

Today we biked along the famed 17 mile drive and drove through some of the most famous golf courses in the country. Even I would probably take up golfing if I could play on greens overlooking the ocean. It was so beautiful. And the houses? Gigantic. They don't have addresses, just estate names. Its unreal. We spent the second half of the day touring a local winery in Carmel Valley. Again, everywhere you looked was a picture worthy moment. I'm thinking about changing careers, moving to California, and opening my own vineyard. Here are the highlights below:The Costello Mecca

The views from inside Pebble Beach

This ones for you John. I ran up and took a quick picture from the 7th tee box.
Note the form. (surprisingly no armed guards shot at me...but I did make a quick exit just in case)

Sarah sampled the local grape crop which will result in
this year's batch of Chardonnay

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

California Dreaming- Part 2

Taking a glass-bottom boat tour in the ocean and enjoying the lazy sea lions lounging on the rocks

The breath-taking view along the drive to Big Sur

The kids playing at the My Museum, where everything is kid-sized and fun
for climbing

Eli enjoyed some putt putt with
2 clubs
All the Johnson kiddos to date
The past few days have been a bustle of activity and fun. We are staying in Monterey, California just down the street from my sister Sarah and her family. It is beautiful here and the scenery is stunning. The kids are having a blast playing with each other and things are always a bit chaotic. It is pure bliss.

Monday, July 27, 2009

California Dreaming Part 1-The Marathon

This week Eli and I are vacationing in California with my parents, grandparents,
sisters, brother-in-laws, and nieces and nephews. We kicked off the week, with a siblings
only trip to San Francisco to run in the San Francisco marathon. It was my goal to complete my second marathon, but after several unexpected set-backs and injuries I had to settle for
running the half. My sister Sarah ran the full 26.2 miles and I did the first 13.1 with her and then Kim stepped in to finish off the last 13.1. The scenery was beautiful and we got to run across
the picturesque Golden Gate bridge and along the cost. The hills, however, were relentless and made every mile a struggle. It was so great to run with my sisters and have a night away from the kids. Now if I could only stop limping...

Friday, July 17, 2009

An ode to cobbed corn

Oh yummy golden nuggets why have I waited
so long to indulge in your goodness...

I want to sharpen my teeth
on your husk...

I want to share your glorious
flavors with all those I love...

I want to bathe in your kernels...

Until every finger-lickin
last bite is all mine.
P.S. mmmm

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The future President Lincoln

My beautiful, brand-new nephew Lincoln Jude.
Another job well done Ron and Kristen!

Somebody hasn't had his coffee yet

Ok, so this post is a few weeks late and definitely overdue. But for the sake of my out-of-state sisters and friends it's better late than never right?? The little man is officially a walking machine. We even had to switch him from the "crawlers room" to the "toddler walkers" (tears and sighs) at church. He started taking steps while we were vacationing in N.C. and has been perfecting his waddle ever since. Capturing this speed demon on video has been no easy task. As you can see below, I might have caught him on a bad day. And yes, I realize he isn't wearing any pants. He prefers life that way.

Monday, July 6, 2009

4th Of July Weekend

This past weekend we celebrated our Independence with a whirlwind of activities. We started off the 4th with Westerville's annual parade uptown, then headed to a neighborhood block party to finally meet our neighbors. The day ended with a cook-out and fireworks with good friends. Eli slept right through all the commotion. Sunday we enjoyed time as a family and then concluded the weekend with a pizza picnic and a Beatles concert in the park. Thank you Jesus that we are FREE! Here are the highlights:Westerville's 4th of July Parade

Family photo during the parade

We enjoyed the festivities with our good friends
Todd, Karen, and little Grayson

Marching, marching, marching

Annual cook-out and fireworks bash
at our friends Dave and Katie's'
(All the babies born in 2008, minus Aiden on the left)
Sunday evening concert in the park
(Eli enjoying his first "please sit still" lolly)

Enjoying the Beatles tribute group with siblings and cousins