Tuesday, July 27, 2010

So happy together

Sarah and Phil are finally home from France for a long visit and it is so wonderful to have everyone together again. Kim and the kids are also in town from Indiana and it is just mass chaos and fun. You can't walk through my parents house without tripping over 10 sippies and a thousand toys and the constant shrieking only stops for about an hour a day. I love it though. The kids just play until they drop and they love to be together. My mom buys them matching PJ's every year for the annual cousin picture. We bribe them onto the couch with snacks and snap away as fast as we can. I can't believe there are 7 of them now. Here is the line-up...
From left to right: Jack (21 mos) Charlie (21 mos) Lily (4) Norah (3 mos) Callie (3) Eli (2) Zack (21 mos) Our 3 lovely ladies

Our rough and tumble handsome boys

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