Thursday, July 8, 2010

Finger Painting

After a morning of dragging the kids to run errands and asking Eli to "please remain seated" in the cart a million times I felt like he was in need of some creative stimulation and fun. So, despite the thermometer reading a blazing 98 degrees and every bone in my body wanting to stick on an Elmo DVD and relax in the AC, we headed outside for some finger painting. I think I started sweating in the first 30 seconds. Eli hates having dirty hands and it took him a few minutes of whining to discover that this was fun. But then he really got into it. It started off with painting on the paper before he realized that painting his body was way cooler. And painting mommy's body was even cooler than that. I ran to get the hose to wash us all off and within 2 minutes of me being around the corner, he had painted my camera, my phone, and Norah-who mysteriously had warrior paint on her cheeks and arms. She was still sound asleep in her little chair though. Thank goodness they are washable. We lasted about 15 minutes outside before we were all sticky sweaty and ready to cool off. It was worth it though, he really had fun making a mess.

1 comment:

  1. You are the COOLEST mommy ever! Could Max come over and join you next time you pull that mess out? LOL