Saturday, May 15, 2010

Food for Thought

Perhaps it's the lack of sleep that comes with having a newborn in the house again, or feeling a bit disconnected from the outside world and adult communication, or probably both; but I've noticed myself complaining both in my spirit, and out of my mouth a lot more lately. I came across a favorite passage today written by Puritan E.B. Pusey on contentment and it caused me to shift my focus and seek repentance for my attitude. I'm sure it's one you're familiar with as well, but it's always a good reminder for us all when our entire world shrinks to the size our own struggles.
"The Rules of Contentment"
1. Never complain about anything, not even the weather.
2. Never picture yourself under any circumstances in which you are not.
3. Never compare your own lot with that of another.
4. Never allow yourself to dwell on the wish that this or that had been, or were, otherwise than it was, or is. God Almighty loves you better and more wisely than you do yourself.
5. Never dwell on tomorrow. Remember that it is God's, not yours. The heaviest part of sorrow is often to look forward to it. The Lord will provide.
This is a good one to print out on an index card and stick it somewhere that you'll see everyday. Mine is going on the dashboard of my car. You can hold me to it!


  1. This is such a great reminder Rach! I LOVE the idea of putting it on an index card - although I may need to do several index cards and strategically in my car, on my desk, in my bathroom, etc., etc., etc.!!!

  2. Enjoyed the post. GREAT reminder. Will be making my own index card. I'll put it next to my sign on my kitchen cabinet that says....
    Good Morning, This is GOD, your Father. I will be handling all of your problems today. I will not need your help - so, have a good day! I love you!!
    When I read that it reminds me I'm HIS child and all He wants me to do is enjoy life. Doing my best, as are you! Different circumstances for all of us, same solution - JESUS!! Love you guys and looking forward to meeting Miss Norah on Saturday!