Tuesday, May 18, 2010


My lately has been filled with adjusting to a new normal, double diaper duty, around the clock feedings, downing multiple cups of coffee before 8am, having to be ok with a messy house, trying to be patient, dealing with an extra emotional toddler, forgetting everything, wishing I could afford a nanny, and praying for endurance. I am happy to report that Eli is finally starting to warm up to Norah and will occasionally have moments of sweetness with her. Her eyes follow his voice around the room and she stops crying to listen to his squeals and general loudness. It's still sinking in that I am responsible for 2 children and I'm spending a lot more time hanging around the house and a lot less out running errands and spending money. So our new normal is chaotic but great. I am a tired and thankful momma. Enjoy the pictures.


  1. beautiful rach! love her already & havent even met her. just know you are not alone... i felt every single one of the things you mentioned after Remae.

  2. What a great time in your life Rach! You are an incredible Mom!!!

  3. Great photos! You are doing an amazing job -- mama of 2!