Saturday, September 18, 2010

Growing and growing

Hard to believe Norah is already past the 4 month mark and halfway to 5. She is at an age that I just love where she is cooing and interactive but will still fall asleep easily in my arms when she's tired. And this baby gets lots of cuddle time because she does not enjoy being put down for very long. It's so hard to get things done during the day but I keep reminding myself how quickly this stage will pass. I just strap her in the Ergo and let her snuggle up for a nice long nap while I do laundry and try to keep Eli from doing things like locking himself in the pantry in attempts to eat an entire Costco bag of Craisins or peeing on the refrigerator (both true stories). There is nothing better than feeling her warm baby breath sound asleep against my chest. Here are her latest developments and discoveries...

Starting to reach for toys with hands and feet and shoving everything in her mouth
Learning to eat rice cereal from a spoon
laughing and cooing and loving to be tickled

Finally sleeping through the night peacefully in her crib! This I am 95% thrilled about and 5% saddened and already picturing her heading off to college.

And even some early signs of crawling.

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  1. What a sweet girl! She is so sweet!!! (P.S. CLASSIC stories about Eli! LOL!)