Monday, September 6, 2010

Do cloth diapered kids potty train sooner?

Absolutely. Especially when that cloth diapered kid happens to poop 5-6 times PER DAY. I mean seriously people, I did not sign up for all that bowel goodness.
So... with all our vacations and big events done and over with for the summer, I decided it was time to tackle this major milestone. Armed with a dozen adorable tiny toddler underpants, stickers, silly bands, a bribe basket, progress chart, potty seat, flushable wipes, etc. etc., I was as ready as they come. When you're potty training it's recommended that you plan on locking yourself in the house for a good week until you can go out without diapering. This is the part I'm dreading the most. We leave the house every single day, even if its just to wander aimlessly through the grocery store. So I might have to ask John to hide my keys before he leaves for work.

Anyway, today was day 1. Eli woke up to find this in the bathroom:
He did pretty well. Just 2 accidents in 13 hours, one occurring during dinner when he was consumed with devouring his mac n' cheese. You know you're a mom when you spend 4 hours in one day parked on the bathroom floor making up songs about poop and pee to the tune of every kids song you've ever heard. I felt like I was talking a pregnant woman through birth.

The most surprising thing to me was that despite temptations like chocolate chips, gummie bears, cookies & cheese puffs in the rewards basket, what did Eli chose every single time? A silly band. He had accrued a whole sleeve of them by the end of the day. Boy doesn't know what he's missing out on.

Gearing up for another house-bound day tomorrow.

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