Thursday, January 28, 2010

Stimulating the Economy

Today we took Eli to get his first professional haircut. My genius plan of getting him into the bathtub and having John distract him with toys and splashing while I evened out his California shag like a super mom ninja was a disaster. I got one good crooked snip in before he freaked out and started thrashing around like a wounded duck. So, despite the fact that it has been nearly 5 months since I've attended to my own hairstyle (or lack thereof) due to budget cuts, it seemed entirely reasonable to pay $15 not including the tip for a new style for our toddler.

I must admit that I was definitely impressed by the kid-friendliness of this place. Eli sat in a race car chair, got to choose which DVD he wanted blaring on his own personal TV (Barney of course), and had a basket full of toys at his disposal. He sat like a perfect angel and I'm pretty sure it's because he thought he was the stuff with all the attention he was getting. And yes, I was that total over-the-top mom clucking over him and taking tons of pictures while the other customers stared at me like I was a nut job. They offered to let us take home a lock or hair with a special certificate and photo op for a slight $2 upgrade, but I had to draw the line somewhere...

Here is the before picture of our shaggy boy

Seated with cape on (backwards of course because Eli did
NOT want his hands covered)

She described his hair as voluminous, and I might have
had a slight twinge of jealousy
Barney, Baby-Bop, and the whole gang were
there for support
And this penguin was his "nervous sucking"
toy of choice
Until that one got too hairy and had to be
replaced by a plastic bear
And the finished result! Looking good my man.
Of course they give out sticky Dum-Dums for good behavior,
and why wouldn't they?


  1. I never quite understood why they give sticky suckers when your kid is covered in hair but then again, it probably is a sure fire way to make them stop crying and his hair cut is super cute to boot! (although it does make him look older!)

  2. what a cutie pie! love the hair buddy!

  3. He looks adorable! What a handsome boy!!!