Thursday, January 7, 2010

Let it Snow

It has been snowing here steadily for the past several hours and the forecast is calling for more and more throughout the evening. And I am in heaven! Being a natural homebody, I don't mind holing myself up in the house for a day or two and just being with my family. Besides showering (out of necessity from not doing so yesterday), I have not spent a single moment worrying about my appearance. No make-up, no straightener, just sweats and slippers. So let the hot chocolate and cookies abound, and may you enjoy this snowy day with those you love. And don't forget to make a big roaring fire in your hearth...or just flick on that handy gas switch and save yourself the effort.

Our little Eskimo checking out the snow
This is the only smile he cracked before the tears started

10 minutes to put on boots, bibs, gloves, hat, extra socks = 5 minutes of actual snow tolerance before he is so done. Totally worth it though just to see him waddle around like penguin.

1 comment:

  1. 5 minutes is impressive; Ray lasts less than that. Sam on the other hand, would stay out all day!