Monday, January 11, 2010

Mr. Fix-it

Allow me to introduce you to Eli's latest and constant companion. This is his tool box and when you see him coming around the corner with his muscles straining and a determined look, it can only mean one thing. T-R-O-U-B-L-E! This garage sale gem has a broken latch requiring a two-handed carry and is usually full of random toys, tupperwear, and left-over snacks. It is quite heavy and awkward for a toddler. Eli has discovered that if he totes this thing around he can reach and get his hands on just about anything he wants to by using it as a stepping stool. Creative? Absolutely. Dangerous? Most definitely! I followed him around for a few days capturing his most frequent offenses...

This is the look of trouble about to happen
Notice the form and focus on his mission
He uses it to help himself to piano practice
And who doesn't need a little help getting on that first stair?
Simultaneously unlocking the front door and turning the hall lights on off on off on off....
Helping himself up on top of his table which is followed by a lovely dance jig before not so gracefully falling off the edge
Crawling up onto the couch in order to throw off all the pillows and watch out the windows
And one of my favorites: helping himself to a "dink" by holding down the water lever and then licking his wet fingers while gigantic puddles pool onto the floor

And he can always figure out the exact combination of buttons to push on the cable box so it goes into the "boot" menu and requires a full reprogramming.
And after a hard day of repairs and climbing, sometimes the tool box is just the perfect place to take a break.
As I am writing this entry sitting on a bar stool, a little hand just reached around me to help himself to a handful of chips from the bag sitting open on the counter. And of course I look down to find Eli standing on his tippy toes, atop his beloved tool box munching away with such a look of satisfaction on his crumb-filled little face. And I can't help but laugh because after all, aren't we always trying to teach our children self-sufficiency?


  1. I'd say that is money well spent! Loved the pictures, can't wait to show Luke:)

  2. Oh Eli... this cracked me up! You are too funny.. and making me really excited to watch boys grow up. Maybe they aren't so scary after all!
    PS... I've got some things around my house that could use a touch up if you know how to drive??

  3. This was the best post I have read at mylittleblacksweats!!!!

    Love you Eli

  4. Goodness! That was so funny. Some of your [and Eli's] best work! It was a family affair reading this post!