Sunday, August 2, 2009

California Dreaming-Part 4 (The finale)

Thursday was our last day to enjoy Monterey before we had to head back home. We packed in as much activity as was humanely possible. In the morning we packed up all the kids and adults in our sweet "Parks and Recs" 15 passenger van (you think I'm kidding), stopped by an old-fashioned bakery to load up on doughnuts, cinnamon buns, and chocolate-filled croissants, and then headed to Point Lobos state park. It wasn't the kind of state park I'm used to in Ohio. Pretty much everyone (great-grandparents included) strapped a Kelty or Ergo on their backs and we trekked up the rocks and trails to find amazing cliffed overlooks straight into the ocean. We took a quick doughnut break between the 2 hikes to sugar up the children (and adults).

Eli cashed out for hike #2 in the Ergo

In the afternoon, a brave 4 of us went on a kayaking tour in the Pacific Ocean. I must admit, I was totally terrified and kept picturing a great white gnawing my legs off. But it turned out to be very tame. We paddled through crystal blue waters and got to see otters, sea lions, seals, starfish, and so many other things I've only ever seen at the zoo. It was so completely peaceful out on the ocean that it was heavenly. (I was thankful to find out afterwards that the Great Whites actually start coming into the bay at the beginning of August. Whew! we were a few days early)

The evening activity consisted of a father/daughter date night to Carmel by the Sea to hear a Vivaldi concert of the Four Seasons with a bit of Bach sprinkled in. My dad is a huge classical music buff and we grew up listening to these talents blasting through the house stereo. The violinists were renowned soloists who flew in from all over the world to play at this concert. Although I left feeling inspired, yet talentless, I determined that Eli will definitely be learning some sort of instrument from a young age. Dad and his "high-priced" (as he calls us) daughters

And that is the end of our fabulous vacation to California. Thank you Sarah and Phil for warmly welcoming us into your beautiful city and showing us the best of Monterey. I already miss the 6 sticky-fingered, adorable children clambering for a place on my lap or a bite off my plate. We are a blessed family to be sure! Home again we go

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