Thursday, July 30, 2009

California Dreaming- Part 3

Today we biked along the famed 17 mile drive and drove through some of the most famous golf courses in the country. Even I would probably take up golfing if I could play on greens overlooking the ocean. It was so beautiful. And the houses? Gigantic. They don't have addresses, just estate names. Its unreal. We spent the second half of the day touring a local winery in Carmel Valley. Again, everywhere you looked was a picture worthy moment. I'm thinking about changing careers, moving to California, and opening my own vineyard. Here are the highlights below:The Costello Mecca

The views from inside Pebble Beach

This ones for you John. I ran up and took a quick picture from the 7th tee box.
Note the form. (surprisingly no armed guards shot at me...but I did make a quick exit just in case)

Sarah sampled the local grape crop which will result in
this year's batch of Chardonnay


  1. Rachel --

    You look like you are having an A-MAZING time! Thanks for blogging your memories and photos so we could keep tabs on you this week.

    And btw, Sam and I will absolutely relocate with you to start up that vineyard. A secret [well, now not so secret!] dream of ours!!