Tuesday, August 14, 2012

An Update...

God's grace is sufficient for me today. If I start thinking about tomorrow or next week or sometimes even the next hour, I quickly become overwhelmed by all that needs to be done and overcome by fear. This is the greatest lesson I have learned over the past week. I have to trust God to help me through just today, and let everything else go.  Some days its a lot harder than others.

Gavin received his hearing aids on Friday and we have been trying to adjust to our new normal. We didn't realize that our biggest challenge with hearing aids would be trying to keep them on our squirming, kicking, head thrashing baby. And although they are the smallest size they offer, they are huge on him. It is the constant battle to put them in again and again, hour after hour, day after day as he cries and pushes us away that has been the most draining emotionally. We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of a device that is supposedly the best for keeping the aids in place on small infants. Hopefully that will make things easier for all of us, especially Gavin, who doesn't understand why we are forever pulling and poking at his little ears. In the meantime, as I write this Gavin is sleeping in the swing wearing Norah's pink-bowed headband as a temporary fix. Poor guy.

We are noticing that Gavin is more interactive and interested in his surroundings with the hearing aids, but we have no way of knowing at this point how much he is actually hearing. Eli and Norah acclimated to their brother's new gear without much fanfare and they are laying their sweet hands on his ears daily and praying for God to heal them. I love to listen to their innocent, simple prayers. "Work ears!" and "Jesus, make these ears open right up" and my favorite of Norah's-  "Jesus pray that Gavin can hear me"

The next several months will be those of watching and waiting. Gavin's hearing will continue to be retested as he grows to gauge how much sound he is able to gain from the hearing aids.  The levels will be adjusted as needed and we will continue to talk and talk and talk to him to give him as much language and hearing opportunities as possible. 

And look at his sweet little face? So much personality already at only 2 months old. I just love him.

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