Friday, July 27, 2012

Because it's the best therapy money can buy...

and it doesn't cost a single dime.

I am a runner. I am not a fast runner. I am not a competitive runner. I am not a group runner. I am not the kind of runner that spends time planning routes. I do not run long enough distances to warrant wearing a water backpack. I do not own a sporty watch that beeps at me to tell me how fast my pace is because I do not care. I run to enjoy the feeling of being completely alone, to mentally work through the days successes and failures, and because I have more than a just casual affinity for ice-cream.

And it feels so good to be back pounding the pavement again after almost 11 months off. Here are some of the songs I am loving sweating to this summer:

Barton Hollow-The Civil Wars
Free Me-Joss Stone
What Makes You Beautiful- One Direction
Stronger-Kelly Clarkson
Princess of China- Coldplay and Rihanna
Love you Like a Lovesong- Selena Gomez
Faster- Matt Nathanson
Free- Graffiti6
Somethin' 'Bout a Truck- Kip Moore
Part of Me- Katy Perry

and then the cool down....

New York-Snowpatrol
I Wont Give Up-Jason Mraz
Poison and Wine-The Civil Wars

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  1. I have been running for about 2 years now and I am always training for my next race. I am not fast and I never will be and sometimes the constant racing makes me forget how much I like to just go out and run to burn off that beer and ice cream I just had :) Thanks for your post, reminds me why I started running in the first place.