Sunday, June 3, 2012

Things we do while we wait for baby

John and I received a fancy ice-cream maker as a wedding gift and we have used it exactly one time in almost 6 years. You know, one of those gifts you register for as your mom rolls her eyes and tells you how much space it will take up to store and how you'll never use it, yet you scan it anyway because you picture yourself giggling in the kitchen with your new hubby as you make batch after batch of delicious goodness that you feed each other off a shared spoon as Norah Jones croons in the background. 

Fast forward 6 years and 2.9 kids and okay, I can admit we haven't used it quite as much as I anticipated we would, but there's no time like the present right? And since the kids seems to share an obsession  appreciation of ice-cream equal to their mama's, its a good way to keep them happy and entertained for a good 30 minutes. Today we made a batch of chocolate cookies n' cream and oh my goodness, was it delicious. And I consider myself to be a connoisseur, so I wouldn't say that if it wasn't true. There is something about the creamy perfection of homemade ice-cream that beats anything you can buy in the store. And that is what I had for lunch today friends. And seeing as I'm moments away from birthing a baby, I think that is just perfectly acceptable.

Pour in all the ingredients

and then turn on machine and wait....

and wait some more.

Crush up Oreos with rubber mallet..

add to mixture, and then wait just a bit longer

Ready to pounce as soon as the timer beeps

Creamy, perfection in only 25 minutes

Chocolate on the face, arms, legs, shirt, shorts, and table means it must be pretty good

Chocolate warrior princess

To sum things up, its just the perfect treat for a lazy Sunday afternoon. 
And perhaps also perfect at 3am when I am up watching House Hunters tonight because I can't sleep... but that's just speculation.

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