Monday, May 28, 2012


Today marks the one week countdown to D-day, which in my case, probably means 2 weeks. I am feeling antsy and so excited to meet this little babe and finally discover if its a boy or girl. However, I am not in a huge rush for this pregnancy to be over either. I am still fairly comfortable and love having this baby all to myself and feeling all the little kicks and knees and elbows. I know once he or she is born I will miss that incredible closeness, so I don't mind holding for on a little longer. So now we will just wait and see what day God has planned for little one's birth-day. 

And both of these kids are positive the baby is a boy, for the record. 
*You can tell Eli was just thrilled to be included in this photo

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  1. you are so beautiful!!!!
    can't wait for #3 SO soon :)