Thursday, April 19, 2012


After 12 years and 230,000 miles, John finally traded in his beloved 99' Corolla that he has been driving since he turned 16. And his wife is very relieved that he is now driving a reliable, safe car and no longer has to crawl in the back seat to open the driver's door from the inside. He always said he planned to drive the Corolla into the ground and I think he can check that goal off his list because that car is ready to be pushed off a cliff into oblivion. And although it was the car that he picked me up in on our very first date, I am not sad to see it go because if anyone ever deserved a new car after years of sacrificing his own comfort and pride in order to put his family first, it is definitely John.  Enjoy those leather seats babe, you earned em!


  1. Phil said it was such a "chick thing" to not mention the patiently-awaited car. So what did you get? Looks stylin! Love you guys so much, SMH

  2. Ah yes, minor details Phil. Its an 07' Mercury Milan. Gramps will be so proud :)