Saturday, April 7, 2012

And hunt #2...

No, we haven't forgotten about Jesus in this house, although it is challenging to keep young children more focused on the Resurrection than the chocolate candy inside their plastic eggs. So we try to mix in plenty of Bible lessons (when they aren't running laps around the kitchen from a sugar-overload) along with the American Easter traditions and are praying that the seeds of the cross, God's forgiveness, and His overwhelming love for them are being planted somewhere deep inside their little hearts.

Today was round 2 of egg hunting for us. And as John was giving Eli strategy tips over breakfast in regards to the best way to pick up an egg mid-run without wasting time coming to a full stop, I played the worship music a little louder to help counteract the competitive look gleaming in his eyes. John unfortunately had to work and couldn't join us for the fun, but the kids and I were treated to a full morning with Grandma Jan and Papa Bob of egg hunting, a trip to Costco, and lunch. There's nothing better than still being able to feel like a kid when you're with your parents....even though there are two little people tugging on you and calling you "mommy."

Waiting in the crowd for the hunt to begin

Watching the sky as a helicopter made passes through the fields dropping hundreds of Easter eggs to the delighted shrieks of the kids

 Hard to see them here but there were tons of eggs being thrown out

Papa Bob and Eli. This picture just melts my heart because our kids have such amazing Grandparents.

Norah stayed pretty focused on collecting the broken, empty eggs that the other kids left behind

This boy is a pro at this game

My sweet kiddos

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