Thursday, February 2, 2012

To The Birthday Boy...

Today is John's 28th birthday. The day started the same as every birthday has for the 5 years we've been married. I got up and prepared his favorite breakfast of biscuits and gravy and served it to him with a hot cup of coffee in bed. It is a birthday meal tradition long ago started by his mom and the one day a year that I will happily serve him this heart-attack on a plate and not even worry that he's eating an entire roll of sausage.

John never likes to make much fuss about his birthday and doesn't understand my need to hype it up and try to get him really excited in the days leading up to it. He never asks for any special gifts or a favorite dessert and trying to get him to request his favorite foods for dinner is like pulling teeth. And I guess I should be thankful that he's not a birthday Diva (like I totally am), but I just want him to feel extra special on his big day, even if it requires some cheer-leading and motivational speeches from his wife.

So in honor of his 28 years of life, here are 28 things that I love about John, and in no particular order.
1. he loves Jesus
2. he is a hands-on daddy and a true partner in helping to care for our kids
3. he is affectionate even when I forget to be
4. he can get a roomful of people laughing with ease
5. he doesn't complain about changing poop diapers...even cloth ones that require spraying
6. he works hard at his job and takes pride in providing for his family
7. he supports my desire to stay home and sacrifices things he wants so we can live on one income
8. he still drives the car he got when he turned 16, although it has well over 200k miles, the driver's door doesn't open from the outside, the windows remain continuously fogged and it feels as though it will crumble into pieces when you drive it on the highway. The fact is that it starts every morning, it is paid for, and he is content with that.
9. although I know he comes home tired from work, he plays on the floor with the kids, wrestling, tickling, giving horsey rides, and making them erupt in fits of laughter just when I have completely run out of steam.
10. he spends every morning up bright and early with Norah reading her the same books over and over while they drink coffee and milk respectively and snuggle in our bed so I can have my devotional time downstairs.
11. he has such a compassionate heart and loves to give his time and resources to others
12. he remembers to compliment me and makes me feel beautiful and noticed even when I feel much less than
13. he drinks the green smoothies I concoct for him every morning more because he knows how much it means to me and less because he cares that its so good for him
14. he has a bizarre love of shoes and has way too many pairs of Pumas in the closet
15. he finds the same thrill in Saturday morning garage sale hunting as I do
14. he gets along great with my parents
15. he supports me in getting out of the house to do things I enjoy while he stays home with the kids
16. he lets me pick out most of the movies we watch
17. he has beautiful green eyes and the greatest thick hair
18. he knows how to do handy-man things around the house and I am confident that he can fix most anything that breaks
19. he cooks waffles for breakfast for us on the weekends
20. he is financially wise, a good steward of our money, and always planning and saving for the future.
21. he goes on late-night ice-cream runs for me way too often and knows that its a sure bet way to fix a bad mommy day
22. he brings me flowers for no reason and leaves the occasional love note on my mirror before heading off to work
23. he is way better at being silly and carefree with the kids than I am
24. he is super low-maintenance, gets his hair-cut at Great Clips, shops for himself at thrift stores, and rarely asks for anything
25. he gives the best warm bear-hugs when I am falling apart
26. he's not great in the kitchen, but he's more than happy to go and pick up take-out when I need a night off from cooking
27. he gets up with the crying kids at night because I am an extremely deep sleeper and he always hears them before I do. Most mornings I am surprised to hear that someone was awake because he leaves me to sleep while he cuddles and comforts.
28. he still loves me and pursues me. Though I am crazy and high-maintenance and emotional, he keeps coming home to me and taking care of me and showing me a selfless love.

Happy Birthday John. I love you and am so thankful for you. Here's to 28 years!

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