Thursday, February 23, 2012

Almost 26 weeks...

I am so not a fan of pregnancy belly shots. My personal opinion is that what many people deem as "artistic" can actually be quite weird when it comes to maternity photos. Though I think it is miraculous and beautiful and super cool that God created a woman's body to sustain and grow a human life, you will not find me creating a plaster mold of my belly to display on the mantle as a reminder that it really did get that big.

However, I'm about to enter into the third-trimester of this pregnancy and thought it might be nice to document at least one photo of our third "bun in the oven" before my face starts to swell and I resort to wearing all of John's t-shirts.

Yesterday a woman told me I was definitely carrying all boy. I still don't get why people say that kind of stuff, but I do know that this baby feels enormous. So, boy or girl, you be the judge....


  1. Well for whatever it's worth, I think you still look TINY.

  2. I vote boyy. boy. boy. boy. boy.