Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hip Hip Hooray!!

Last night we went out to celebrate my dad's graduation from grad-school. If you know my dad, you know how hard he works and how many hats he wears in his life. He is a teacher, PC-repair company owner, head-technical support guy for Re/Max Impact, concession business owner, landlord, property rehabber,  husband, father, and grandfather to 8. This man is BUSY. So making time to go back to school, study, and pass classes amidst all his other responsibilities over the past two years was no small feat. We are so proud of you dad for obtaining your Master's degree and teaching your family a lesson in perseverance and tenacity.

Finally, the diploma that my mom was hiding from him until the big reveal at his mini "surprise" party

One of my favorite quirks about my dad. He ordered an extra side of french fries to go with his meal...that already came with french fries, despite the waitress trying to convince him that the amount that was included would be plenty. Love it!

A few beer samplers, appetizers, salads, and huge dinners later, we were all quite full and happy.

My sisters and I wanted to do something fun to give to our dad from his grandkids, so we had the oldest 3  (Lily 5, Callie 4, and Eli 3 and a couple answers by Zack 2) answer 10 questions about their Papa Bob.  Here is the compilation of what they came up with. We enjoyed some laughs reading these aloud around the table.

10 Questions About Papa Bob
And answers by your grandchildren

1. What is Papa’s full name?
Lily-“Bob Johnsons”
Callie-“Papa Bob I don’t Know”
Eli- “Papa Bob John”

2. How old is Papa?
Zach- “Big”
Eli-”5 years old”

3. What is Papa’s job?
Lily-”fixes computers”’
Callie-”Teaches people about “computiers”
Eli-”he sells windows”

4. What was Papa studying in school?
Lily-”Computer work”
Callie-”I don’t know”
Eli-”All the Children of the World”

5. What does Papa like to do for fun?
Lily-”Get icecream”
Zach-”Play baseball”
Callie-”I don’t know”
Eli-”He likes to play with everybody”

6. What does Papa always say to you?
Lily-”I love you and WE-WANT-BATHTIME!!”
Callie-”Silly Stuff and funny stuff”
Eli-”Go to bed”

7. My favorite thing to do with Papa is…
Lily-”Go to baseball games”
Callie-”Play with play dough
Eli-”Build a tent”

8. Papa’s favorite food is…
                                                            Lily-”French fries”    *obviously Lily was the winner on this one*
Eli-”maybe hotdogs”

9. Papa loves me because…
Lily-”Because he’s my grandpa”
Callie-”Because I color all the time. Because I like playing in the snow”
Eli-”Because he just does”

10. I love Papa because…
Lily-”He’s funny”
Callie-”He plays with me a lot”
Eli-”He hides under the blankets and does flashlights with me”

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