Wednesday, August 10, 2011

We're going camping now we're on our way...

If you were born into a Christian home in the 80's, and grew up watching Psalty The Singing Songbook VHS tapes in the early 90's as I did, then you are probably singing along with me to the above tune that is playing in my head as I write this. Who didn't love the camping episode, it was a classic!

Anyway, last weekend we went on a short camping adventure with all of John's siblings, spouses, and children to Delaware State park for a night of "roughing it" in the Ohio wilderness. We brought Eli along and left Norah with her great-grandparents because we weren't at all curious how fun it would be to sleep in a tent with a 1 year old.  We enjoyed a beautiful day Saturday boating, hanging out at the beach, and only being responsible for a single child. Eli soaked up the time with his cousins and was a sweaty, dirt-covered maniac the entire length of our trip. 

Saturday night we enjoyed torrential rainstorms while we slept-some of which leaked under my corner of the tent-and took turns peeling Eli's sweaty body off us as he insisted on sleeping on top of us despite the stifling heat of a muggy August night. We learned that our two-man tent really is only for 2 men and that its time to upgrade to something bigger. I can't say I got much sleep, but it was fun family memory and I'm really glad we went. 

We were up at the crack of dawn Sunday morning and had the car packed with our wet-muddy gear by 7:30am heading straight to the nearest Bob Evans for some delicious greasy food. 

Can't wait till next year and for Norah Dee to join in on the fun.

The boys: Max, Gabe, Eli, and Shayden....all shoveling handfuls of Cheetos into their mouths

Our tiny tent that is really cozy for two, and really crowded for 3

Enjoying the hillbilly street festival put on by the park Saturday night

Notice Eli's feet off the ground? These boys danced till they dropped

Abby, Sam, Gabe, Jen, and Max

Nothing better than a gooey s'more by the fire

Gabe and Ron roasting marshmallows 
Breakfast at Bob Evans early Sunday morning

Never the cheap date, I upgraded from regular ole' coffee to this delicious 400 calorie latte'

Of course we made sure Eli ordered something healthy to eat

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  1. His face in that last photo is absolutely too much!!!