Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Summertime Fun

The month of July in the Costello household has been busy with a side of crazy. For 5 weeks we hosted a French teen named Agathe in our home, and I served as her tour guide of Columbus, surrogate (way too young to have a teenager) mom, and gateway to the all-American lifestyle. Although I (thankfully) don't live the life of a Desperate Housewife on Wisteria lane, which is what Agathe told me she was expecting to experience when I picked her up from the airport, I can be a bit desperate at times and I too have been known to romance the good-looking landscaper, who just happens to be my husband.

We enjoyed having Agathe here with us and I think life in the States really suited her as well. She took quickly to drive-thrus, ice-cream, and fresh smoothies for breakfast. And even though my life really isn't a 24-hour a day fun factory as she might think, we tried to give her as many cool experiences as we could and spoil her with the best American hospitality we could offer.

During the last two weeks of Agathe's stay, my sister Sarah and her family came for a visit from France. The time went much too quickly, but we packed in as many activities as we could and had so much fun with them here. We did lots of swimming, shopping, talking, eating, and laughing. We went boating, ziplining, wine tasting, zoo visiting, fountain playing, movie watching, and concert hopping. I didn't always have my camera with me but I managed to catch a few memories of their time here. Saying good-bye to the Hoblet family on Saturday morning was really hard because there isn't a "next time" planned yet for when we will see them again.  But I am thankful that we got to have two weeks with them and the kids. We miss them already.

So these pictures are random and out of order but I wanted to post them before I forget.

 Boating on Alum Creek

 Annual Girl's Slumber Party with Callie and Lily

 Westerville's Summer Concert Series: British Invasion concert

Riding bikes and eating dessert at Grams and Gramp's house

Fun in the pool at Grandma Jan and Papa Bob's house

Kid's day at the Columbus Commons

Cheering on the kids at Genoa Township's first annual 1K kid's race

Taking all the cousins to see the Cars 2 movie at Easton

Playing and picnicking at the Bicentennial Park fountains 

Columbus Clipper's Baseball game

And just for fun, my whole-lot-of-sassy, makes me laugh all day long, sweet baby Norah.

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