Friday, February 18, 2011

This ain't Harvard folks

I always wonder what possesses people to line up in the dark, sometimes in the freezing cold, and spend hours waiting in line for that store to open so they can get their hands on that new phone, or video game, or gadget, that they have to have the second it is released to the public. I just don't get that. I mean, I love me some technology, but not that much. Things I'm willing to stand in line for include amazing bargains (i.e. buy one get TWO free candles from Walgreens the day after Thanksgiving), amusement park rides (love them!), and Graeter's Ice cream. Everything else I prefer to get a much better deal on used from Craigslist. I digress...

This morning began open registration at the preschool we are hoping to enroll Eli in this fall. And we were warned at the open house, that spots for the 3-year-olds go really quickly and we needed to be there right when the doors opened at 7:30am today. John kindly volunteered to take in the paperwork and registration fee so long as I had hot coffee ready for him when he stumbled out the door. Done! I thought it best we play it safe and asked him to get there at 6:30am in order to be first in line and ensure out spot. WRONG! When John arrived he called to let me know that he was 18th in line and there were couples--yes couples who had arranged childcare priorly--who had been camped out since 3am. Did I mention that this is a church preschool? Not even a very big church preschool. Seriously? Apparently the competition is a little more intense than we were aware of.

We wont find out for a couple weeks if he got into the program or not. But if those 3am'ers kids beat him out, well then I think they deserve that. Their parents are way more dedicated to them learning their colors than we will ever be.

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