Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dinner Etiquette 101

We have a rule regarding Eli and mealtime. If he deliberately throws his sippy on the ground then we don't pick it up. If he throws his fork on the ground, no matter how much he may whine and "uh-oh", and point to it, we don't pick it up. The same goes with food items. Once the first bite hits the floor he gets a warning. Any future drops result in the tray being removed, hands cleaned and the end of mealtime. It's a work in progress but he is starting to learn that we mean business when we say "don't drop that."

Well tonight Eli was enjoying some spaghetti and decided to pitch his fork in the first 2 minutes. He started fussing and pointing and saying "pease, pease pease" but I ignored him. After about 1 minute he gave up and decided forks were for the birds. He face-planted into his spaghetti and devoured every last bite, even licking the plate clean of extra sauce. I have to give him credit for problem solving.
And don't you just wish you could lose your inhibitions every once in a while and enjoy your food this much? This is how I would eat my Cheetos in a perfect world...