Monday, October 19, 2009

Freeman's Farm

On Sunday we went to Freeman's Farm with Chris, Rebecca & Shayden. They had a petting zoo, fresh kettle corn, hayrides, and of course, a big beautiful pumpkin patch. Eli was mounting the pumpkins like they were rides at the fair. And although his cheap parents wouldn't allow him to take any home (due to the move), he was much happier with his popcorn purchase anyway.

Flashback:Pumpkin patch in October 2008

Pumpkin patch in October 2009
"I'll take this one!"

Enjoying some hot, home-made kettle corn with daddy

Kinda melting down, but we needed the traditional family shot

Picking out baby gourds with cuz Shayden


  1. We went there on Saturday! I kept staring at the first picture thinking, "wow that must be a huge pumpkin because Eli looks so small" and then I read... haha!

  2. Love it! Great photos...looks like a tradition you need to keep. ;)

  3. What great pictures!!! I love the traditional pumpkin patch shot.