Thursday, October 1, 2009

Au Revoir Hoblet family, we miss you already

Last night we had to say goodbye to my incredible big sis and her beautiful family. They are off to the French Riviera for the next 3 years where Phil will be working in an exchange program with the French Navy. It is such an amazing opportunity for them and God clearly had His hand in orchestrating this adventure. But it's impossible not to be devastated in the wake of their absence. I will miss you guys tremendously. I will be praying for you daily and counting down the days until we can come and visit. Be safe and give lots of kisses and hugs to my precious niece and nephew.

Zachary 1, Sarah, Lily 3, and Phil

Tell me you wouldn't miss this face!

And this little guy? Just precious!

But look at this view of the French Riviera! Can you blame them?
It's breathtaking.

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  1. Can you say ROAD TRIP?!? I would happily volunteer to come on your trip with you as your baggage handler!