Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The first annual and perhaps one and only Kid's Day

This year was the first where the concept of celebrating Mother's Day and then Father's Day actually meant something to Eli. He watched as the honoree was given a card and a gift and rewarded with breakfast-in-bed and a day of special privileges and allowances. After Father's Day in June, Eli asked us excitedly, "so when is kid's day?" I automatically snickered because let's just be real here people-- when you are a stay-at-home mom to 3 young children, EVERY day is kid's day. Which is why 9 out of 10 mom's idea of the perfect Mother's Day is to be given a cup of coffee, a good book, and just left the heck alone for a while.

But my darling husband, who has always been much nicer than I am, jumped on the opportunity to remind our children just how special they are."Kid's day is coming up in just a few weeks guys." So while we kind of forgot about that whole conversation after a few weeks, Eli reminded us (several times actually) and wanted to get the specific date pinned down on his mental calendar. He had pretty high expectations. He requested cards, breakfast-in-bed consisting of a bacon and cheese omelet, yogurt parfait, and orange juice, and gifts. Norah debated about her breakfast options for a few days before agreeing to yogurt, peanut butter toast, and milk.

So on our first annual celebration of Kid's Day in the Costello house, John and I got up early to cook breakfast for our kiddos and served it to them bedside. The day was spent bike-riding, eating mac' and cheese, playing Trouble, and having ice-cream for dinner. The best part is that Eli firmly believes that this is a National Holiday celebrated by all. But they went to bed happy, knowing the joys of having special privileges and allowances for a day of their very own. I guess a little spoiling here and there is good for all of us.

The excitement of breakfast-in-bed was overrated when we actually tried to wake up these sleeping bears. We call Eli "The Teenager" in the morning.
Warming up. And yes, Eli has been sleeping on the floor in the tent John built him for Christmas for 7 months and counting.

And here's our pretty princess alert and fresh at 7am

And warming up to this special treat

Gavin was very supportive, although not impressed as he drinks his breakfast bottle in our bed every single day. Suckers!

Breakfast-in-bed party of 1 was lonely, so they decided to eat together in Norah's room

Such sweet kiddos

.......The remainder of the day's events were not captured on camera, but just know they were totally awesome.
 Ending with ice-cream for dinner!

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