Monday, April 22, 2013

Happy Birthday Eli!

Yesterday Eli turned 5 years old. It turns out he inherited his mother's slight (barely noticeable really) tendency to be a birthday diva. We heard a lot of, "I can do that because it's MY birthday", and "Its still my day, my birthday isn't over until next week" kind of comments. I'm sure it will be just as charming when I repeat those sentiments come August. But anyway, he was one excited little boy. We celebrated with an overnight hotel trip, lots of swimming, eating out, ice-cream, new golf clubs, his pick of the dinner menu, and more ice-cream.
Eli, what a huge personality you have. You are loud and strong and can talk just about any of your friends into doing anything you come up with. Already, you are such a leader. You are the best child-negotiator I've ever met and will someday have quite the booming sales career, if you don't end up competing for the MMA championship instead. Your favorite question is "why" and you tell BIG stories, so we know you have a  fantastic imagination that will always keep you dreaming. You are tenderhearted and kind, and love to do things that will make people feel happy. You have a keen sense of observation, often complimenting me on a new shirt or the way I've rearranged the pantry. Life is one big race to you, and you are in it to win it. If we give you a task and a timer countdown, you will not disappoint in meeting any goals. God knew that your parents could never be satisfied with a docile, laid-back, shy little boy. And so he gave us you. And we couldn't be more thankful for the amazing kid that you are becoming. You are going to be a world changer, little one.
Happy 5 years! xoxo

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