Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Do you want fries with that?

Is what my parents always said we'd be saying for a living if we didn't study hard and go to college. Its kind of ironic now that they're the ones who've purchased a food concession business and are traveling the state serving fried food to America's finest. Friday was Red, White & Boom, Columbus' annual fireworks spectacular downtown. So John and I as well as Chris and Rebecca and some friends of ours from our Bible study all signed up to work the event with my parents. My parents own two trailers. One serves ice-cream, frozen chocolate bananas, and root-beer floats. The other serves fried delights and lemon shake-ups. Its a big operation. Rebecca and I lucked out getting assigned to the cold trailer with my mom while the boys were sweating it out with the hot grease of the fried one. It was a perfect day for the event and the crowds were were out in full force. Nothing says God Bless America quite like 2 year-olds walking around swigging 20oz of Mountain Dew, large teethless women hanging out of teeny-tiny bikini tops, and more kids on leashes than you'd typically see at the animal shelter.  We enjoyed a lot of laughs in our trailer and met a lot of great people who will be burned in my memory for a long time. We served food from 11am until 11:30pm and people were still trying to buy things from us as we were cleaning up.  And I have to give proper kudos to my parents for the massive amount of work that goes into preparing for and cleaning up from for these events. I don't think my dad went to bed that night until close to 4am. It is not for the faint of heart.  Enjoy a few pictures from the day. 

Rebecca and I early morning getting things ready

My dad and John, on the job since 6:15am

Frozen chocolate banana? Hand-dipped before your eyes, might I add.

The ice-cream trailer, just killing time

My cute mom. Doesn't she fit the part perfectly?

John and Chris peeling onions pre-event. Someone's gotta do the dirty work

The fried-trailer crew. These guys were slammed for hours and did an awesome job

Happy Independence Day!!

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