Thursday, January 13, 2011

Home Sweet Home??

Yes, of course we are so delighted to be back home to our adorable children. And yes, I wanted to cry this morning when I realized no one would be delivering breakfast to my room on a silver platter with the morning paper. Its a shock to the system going from "What can you I bring you to drink Mrs. Costello?" and "Please let me roll out your towel for you Mrs. Costello" to "Noooooooo, I wanted to bluuueeee cuuupppp" and "mommy,  I peed in my pants, but just a little bit." 

You see what I mean?

It only took me about 5 seconds to realize that back here in the real world, I'm the butler. If I want a plate of cheesy hot nachos, I'd better start digging in the fridge for Velveeta.

Oh, but those days in paradise were so worth the vacation hangover I've been fighting all day. 6 uninterrupted days of doing whatever we wanted, at whatever time we felt like it, was bliss. We were lazy, we napped in the sun, we read books, we frolicked in the ocean (seriously, I made it a point to actually frolic), and we were waited on hand and foot. I busied myself ordering every tropical drink I'd ever heard of or seen someone else drinking, and John busied himself napping and eating so much shrimp cocktail he actually made himself ill. Turns out I really enjoy Mudslides, and anything that someone else is delivering saying "Its a pleasure Mrs. Costello." We ordered a room service breakfast every day because it was free, and because breakfast in bed is one of my favorite indulgences. We were lulled to sleep by the crashing ocean waves outside our room and awoke to the sun rising over the water.

Vacation John even agreed to participate in an early morning yoga class by the lagoon and a couples massage, both of which I am sure will be his last. We were treated to a private lobster and steak dinner on the beach, which was again free, and got to drink fancy champagne and eat under the stars. We didn't have to push elevator buttons, hang up towels, get refills, or even carry our plates to the table.

Can you understand why we felt quite torn in coming home?

We appreciate vacation immensely more now that we have kids. Even a flight delayed for 2 hours is no big deal when you are not responsible for any of the crying babies, and you can quietly read in the corner.

And now the clock starts ticking again until our next romantic vacation comes around....hopefully in 2 years :)


  1. So glad you all had a blast! I love that you refer to John as Vacation John. I do the same when on vacation with Jed :)

  2. Looks like you guys had a GREAT time and were happy with the resort! Did you use a travel agent? Which resort was it?

  3. Great, great vacation photos. Loved this post. ;)