Monday, August 23, 2010

Eli's New Do

Coaxed with a continuous supply of dum-dums (like a chain-smoker) in any color he fancied, Eli joined his cousins Max and Gabe in getting a new hairdo yesterday evening. We agreed to give the boys faux-hawks in honor of David Beckham and our upcoming family vacation to the Outer Banks. Despite the fact that Eli now thinks he is way too cool for school, he looks adorable. Will I have the time to pull out gel and lovingly style my not even 3 year old's hair every morning? Ha! If I remember to wipe the oatmeal crust off of Eli's cheeks before we walk out the door it's a major accomplishment so....probably not. But for special occasions and while combing the beaches of NC this kid will have style.

Boys Before


  1. Lookin' good Eli! You are going to be a heartbreaker on vaca!

  2. Oh my! He's gotten so big what a cutie!

  3. Who was your photographer? Those pictures are amazing! :)

    Eli, you certainly know how to rock the faux hawk. Lookin' good my man.

  4. It is so funny seeing you cut his hair this way because Walker's hair does this by itself and I cut it short so it DOESN'T stand up! Guess I need to rethink that huh?