Saturday, April 10, 2010

Tick Tock

2 weeks until D-day. I felt it was a milestone I needed to share. Of course I'd be more than happy to take an early arrival from baby girl Costello.
Feeling ginormous? Yep. Can't sleep? Uh-huh. Thinking my water is going to break every time I stand up? Kinda. Craving Lucky Charms around the clock? You betcha. Looks like everything is an affirmative for the end of pregnancy "Get out of my belly!!" kind of feeling. Oh, are those my feet down there? I wouldn't know, I can't see them. How's my polish? John did a lovely job with the application don't you think?
Stay tuned, news is bound to be coming soon...


  1. 2 weeks?! How did that sneak up? I know you have lots of great family in town to help but let us know if you need anything!

  2. Wow Rach, I had no idea you were that close!! So exciting!

    I am praying for a smooth, pain free delivery!

  3. I am getting so excited!!! Can't wait to meet baby girl.