Sunday, March 21, 2010

Twins for a night

This weekend we got to have Eli's cousin Max over to spend the night with us while Sam and Jen enjoyed a much deserved date night out. Eli is to the age where he is able to anticipate (for a short while) and thoroughly enjoy a play date with any of his friends. Since he and Max are a mere 9 days apart they love the same activities and can speak and understand fluent toddler jibberish perfectly. I've noticed that Eli definitely plays the role of the "follower" and allows whoever he is with to dictate the activity choices. He seems eager to please his playmates and stands back to watch carefully what they do before attempting to mimic their actions himself. I find this so funny because it is the opposite of my controlling take charge personality. Brings up the age old nature vs. nurture questions. But anyways....that's another blog post entirely. Eli and Max had a blast screeching and laughing and draining each other entirely of energy. I tried to document their time together in between cleaning up spilled sippys and attempting to instill the value of sharing into their stubborn toddler heads.

Bath time was very splashy and the bathroom was soaked

Our coffee table doubles as Eli's performance stage...

These boys have some raw dancing talent and
can certainly shake what their mother's gave them
Bedtime Bible story reading with Uncle John/Daddy
8am and still a bit sleepy. I love that they have chosen and
stuck with thumb and finger sucking respectively since birth

Breakfast time. Notice Max's obvious displeasure of the CINNAMON ROLLS that I baked for them. What?? Please also notice (Jen) the fresh fruit on their plates. It was totally balanced.
Cell phone chatter with whom I can only assume were business contacts in Tokyo
Thanks for coming to play Max, we look forward to our next sleepover!

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